Thursday, February 28, 2013

Missing in action: an explanation

Please don't think I've forgotten you because I haven't. In fact, I was supposed to post a new recipe here today (for an almond and orange cake inspired by a recent visit to Brother Hubbard in Dublin) but it got slightly burned while baking and it isn't good enough for you to enjoy just yet.
Although this doesn't mean that it's not good enough for me to eat. I'm licking the delicious crumbs from my lips as I type!

It's a good cake so I'll bake it again (and bake it better) some day really soon and post it here for you then. I'm also planning to make some chocolate, cheesecake and raspberry brownies at the weekend so I'll post those here on Sunday (fingers crossed I don't burn them too).

In the meantime, here are some pictures taken by my house recently. It's been cold but beautiful in this part of the world.

Mount Brandon from Feothanach Beach
The evenings are getting longer too, which means I can fit a walk in after work.

And this makes our dog, Jimmy, very happy.

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