Friday, September 3, 2010

Things change...

It’s funny how things change. When I wrote my first post on July 13th, I decided not to tell anyone about my blog until I had the chance to get some recipes up and brought more personality to this page. Six weeks have now passed and I’m still waiting.

Why? I’ve been ill. Seriously ill. Perhaps even life-alteringly ill.

While I am now beginning to get better, I’m still waiting on test results and scans. I’ve had a very worrying few weeks. I’ve been wondering if the body I had always so taken for granted was about to let me down and if so, what sort of an impact that was going to have on my life. Could I still work as a journalist? Could I continue with my cupcake business (currently on hiatus until my body is back in full working order)? Christ, would I even be able to drive?

I don’t yet have definite answers to those questions (although I did drive – very slowly – in and out to Dingle town yesterday) but I do know one thing. No matter what the answers are, I am going to pay more attention to my body. I am going to do all I can to keep it as healthy as it can be.

This is bound to have some effect on what I write here. Don’t worry. There will be talk of chocolate cake, creamy food and glasses of Prosecco but there will also be lots of mention of veggies, whole foods and all sorts of other good things.

You have been warned!

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