Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm back! And so is the Dingle Food and Wine Festival!

Oops! It seems as though I unintentionally took a summer break from blogging! This makes it sound as though I spent the months of August and September lying on balmy beaches, sipping cool drinks and soaking up sunshine. If only it were so....

Nope. Instead, these past two months were two of the busiest of my year so far. August is always busy in Dingle, what with being the height of the summer season. Throw a family wedding into the mix and you've got the perfect recipe for a stressed-out and exhausted Sharon. I had so many things to do and places to be that there was never any time to be here.

But that's about to change. This weekend, Dingle celebrates its annual Food and Wine Festival, marking the end of the tourist season in the town. Everyone starts winding down once the festival is over. The farmers' market closes. The long evenings start to draw in. Some of the town's businesses close for winter. And instead of catering to tourists visiting Dingle, many of the town's residents head off on holidays of their own. 

Basically, everyone draws a breath after the frenetic pace of summer. That's what I will be doing too. I'll also take advantage of the quieter months to come to share some new recipes and thoughts with you here on a much more regular basis.

In the meantime, I'm preparing for the food festival. I'll have a stall at the farmers' market where I'll be selling... Sharon takes a deep breath before she recites what is a VERY long list... brownies, double chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, Black Forest gateau cupcakes, lemon meringue cupcakes, ginger and lime cupcakes, banoffee cupcakes, Guinness cupcakes with Bailey's icing, carrot cupcakes with orange cream cheese icing, white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with creamy peanut butter icing, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache icing, cookies and cream cupcakes and mini mixed berry cheesecakes! 

Call to my stall to say hi if you're in town. And try a cupcake! 

Now, I'd best start baking.

To see what else is happening as part of the Dingle Food Festival, visit 


  1. I tried the ginger and lime cupcakes today and I'm pretty sure they're one of my new favourite things. Delicious :)

    1. Thanks, Ciara. I'm really glad you like them :)