Monday, June 2, 2014

So that was May...

Is May really over already? I don't know about you but my year seems to be gaining speed as it whizzes past and an entire month appears to have gone by in a flash.

Perhaps it's because I'm getting busier. Like most people in Dingle (and others who live in seasonal tourist towns), summer is one of my busiest times of year and each week is noticeably more hectic than the last.

So, what were the best things about the month that just passed? 

One of the very best was the wonderful Ballymaloe Literary Food Festival. The speakers, chefs and food enthusiasts at this festival delved into the many different aspects that make food such an endlessly interesting topic of conversation. There was the political implications of large corporations controlling much of the world's food supply, the sense of national identity bound up with food traditions, the growing understanding of nutrition and the simple appreciation of food cooked by people who care - it was all there and it was all inspiring.

Another good thing was my return to Dingle Farmers' Market. This takes place every Friday from 9am until 2pm and it features a selection of stalls selling everything from locally-grown vegetables and salads to artisan breads; local honey; fantastic eggs fresh from the farm; handmade chocolates and fudge; olives; patés; cheeses; pickled locally-foraged seaweeds; crumbly pies filled with the likes of beef and Guinness or vegetables and lentils; freshly squeezed juices; jams and preserves; and my cakes. 
Because of my diet, I have expanded my selection of cakes to include gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free varieties and so far, they are proving to be a big hit.
Do call by to see me if ever you're in Dingle on a Friday.

Now that I no longer have the café, I have much more time to cook and experiment with new recipes. Three that I'll definitely be sharing with you in the weeks to come are a brunch-time treat of baked eggs, a Thai-scented broth with cod and prawns and a Japanese-inspired ginger broth served with soba noodles and salmon. The very idea of that ginger broth has just got me so excited that I think it has to be my next blog post.

Finally, I've been eating a lot of this brand of tuna, pictured here in my fridge.
It's (much) more expensive than the canned variety but tastes infinitely better. Its only ingredients are tuna and olive oil and it always smacks of freshness and health. It's super convenient too and I had it for lunch with a baked potato and an Asian red cabbage coleslaw several times in May. To be honest, I'll probably have it several times in June too but it's so good that I'm not complaining.

What about you?  What were the good things that happened to you in May?
As always, I'd love to hear from you.

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