Friday, February 24, 2012

And the nominees are...

The lovely Margaret of A Year in Redwood nominated me for a Liebster Award last Sunday and I'd like to thank her so much for it. A Liebster Award is a way of recognising the work of other bloggers and it's great that people like Margaret appreciate what I am doing here - thanks so much, Margaret!

Gushing thanks aside, now it's my turn to nominate five bloggers whose blogs I enjoy reading. There are five rules I must follow in doing this:

1. I have to thank the person who gave me the award. Thanks again, Margaret!
2. I must link back to that person's blog, A Year in Redwood
3. I have to copy and paste the Liebster Award to my profile:

4. The blogs I pick must have fewer than 200 followers (I'm not entirely sure how many followers Fanny of like a strawberry milk has. She may have many more than 200 as her blog is so lovely.)
5. I must let these bloggers know I have chosen them by leaving a comment on their blog.

So, here are my nominees (I'm imaginging myself wearing an evening dress and opening a golden envelope as I write this. Would that I were !):

1. like a strawberry milk I just love this French girl's dreamy evocation of a life in London that involves bicycles, Polaroids, pastries and the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of good food.

2. Kitchen Life Skills Sally McKenna is well known in Ireland as one half of the duo that compiles the influential Bridgestone Guides. But she's also the author of this great blog that teaches you something new every time you visit. I'm going to follow her instructions to make homemade Japanese dashi with seaweed foraged from the seashore very soon.

3. Gunternation Sharon and her husband Bill chronicle their life in Dublin, telling us about the recipes they enjoy cooking, the restaurants they visit and the adventures they have as an American couple with a love for and curiosity about Ireland.

4. Warm & Snug & Fat Here, Amee writes about growing and cooking her own food and her recipes are always irresistibly good. Recent ones include hazelnut and buttermilk banana loaf and chorizo and scrambled eggs tacos. (I told you they were good!)

5. Felting My Way Across Kerry Sharon is a fellow blogger who lives in Dingle and she writes about how she moved from a life in urban America to a small-town life in Ireland where she creates fabrics and fashions that are colourful and unique.

These are just some of the blogs I like reading and I'm thankful that the Liebster Award gave me an opportunity to recognise them. There are so many great blogs out there just waiting to be discovered. Start exploring!


  1. Thank you! Hope work on the cafe is going well and not too frustrating--exhilirating! Lots of work, but well worth it! Just saw a craft cafe in Dublin that is excellent, Winnie's Craft Cafe and now dreaming of that. Would love to open something like that here, or perhaps just go there? I wish there was a cafe in Dingle with the space to pull it off...

  2. Sharon, progress is frustratingly slow, so slow that I don't want to talk about it, to be honest. I must check out Winnie's Craft Café. I've never even heard of it. And you're more than welcome for your award nomination. Now off with you and choose five others!

  3. It was a pleasure to nominate you! Love reading your posts! And love your nominations too!

  4. Thanks again, Margaret. It's great to get the chance to give some recognition to the great bloggers there are out there.

  5. Sharon, thanks so much for the shout-out!

  6. You are very welcome, Bill. You guys deserve it. Now, who are you going to nominate?