Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hoots mon! Who let the juice loose aboot this hoose?

Weather, eh? We have it all here in Dingle. In the past week alone, I've looked out this window (the window of my home office) and been greeted by the sight of waves pounding the shoreline, hail hitting the patio, countless showers of rain and the occasional ferocious gust of wind unsettling all before it. 

Often when I've ventured outside, I've been battered by that wind and soaked by the rain. I know it's January and that I can expect little else seeing as I have chosen to live at the edge of a cliff on the shore of the Atlantic but my body has begun to feel the toll of this and I'm on the brink of getting sick. 

This is why I started my day with this today: a glass of goodness that is bursting with the vitamins we all need to power us through the winter months. It's easy to make. It contains ingredients most of us have on standby. And on top of being good for you, it makes you feel full for hours.

Here's what you need to make two glasses of carrot, ginger and orange booster juice.

4 carrots, peeled 

2 teaspoons (10ml) chopped fresh ginger
3 oranges

It couldn't be simpler to make either. Unfortunately, you do need a juicer. 

All you do is juice everything together and drink immediately. I added an extra grating of ginger on top, just for a bit more zing.

I think I'm feeling better already.



  1. Yes indeed, I know this weather from the other end of the country, but I cannot face cleaning the juicer after i've used it, otherwise I would quite like a glass of that lovely colored juice.

  2. Amee, I feel your pain and know how hard it is to clean the juicer! What I've found is that you need to do it immediately. That way, it's not so painful and you have a lovely glass of juice to drink as a reward afterwards!