Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A taste of Dingle courtesy of the Dingle Hamper Company

There is just over a week to go to Christmas and if you're anything like me, you won't have bought a single Christmas present yet. Not a single one.

If you're even more like me, a feeling of panic will be beginning to develop at the pit of your stomach. You know the one: that queasy rumbling that asks you why you've done it again. Why do you always leave it so late?

If only the people I have to buy gifts for this year were foodies. Then I would know exactly what to buy them. Two of my fellow stall holders at Dingle Farmers' Market, Saorla the chocolatier - shown here before she had embarked on her chocolate making adventures:

and Marie the maker of fabulous fudge and interesting jams and chutneys (her range includes a wonderful clove apple jelly and a strawberry and black pepper jam): 

have joined forces and created Dingle Hampers - a luxury gift that offers a taste of the food of the peninsula.

The hampers are available in different sizes and suit a range of budgets. Most importantly of all, they are filled with lots of good things. Tear off the wrapping and you'll be tempted by Saorla's chocolates. Will you opt for the Green Fairy absinthe truffle, the brandy and apricot truffle or perhaps one of these chocolate spoons - just stir into hot milk for the perfect hot chocolate.

You'll also find Marie's creative food, which includes such flavours as Baileys and chocolate fudge, maple syrup and walnut fudge and butternut squash and almond chutney.

As well as Saorla and Marie's food, the hampers include Maya Binder's Dingle Peninsula cheese which is a hard cheese flavoured with dillisk seaweed; Olivier Beaujouan's On the Wild Side products which include cured meats, fish and foods he has foraged from the seashore; homemade fruit cordials; and lots more. In fact, Saorla and Marie are constantly on the lookout for more local products to add to their hampers.

This is a hamper I'd love to tear open on Christmas Day and tuck into over the festive period. Perhaps I'll buy one for myself...

However tempting it might be to treat myself to one of these hampers, it still doesn't solve my present-buying problem. But it might solve yours and if so, at least one of us will be rid of that queasy rumbling feeling of panic in our tummies.

To find out more about Dingle Hampers, visit www.dinglehampers.com


  1. Now that's what I call a hamper! Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Saorla and Marie are really going for it, Kristin, and they've already got a great range of local foods. I think they're on to a winner!

  3. Just had to comment - that's indeed a lovely hamper as Kristin (Hi Kristin!!) pointed out - we are big fans of Christmas Hampers and everything!!

  4. Your hampers look delicious too, BP Merewether!