Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't be frightened. It'll be fun. I promise.

Last week, I put an ad in the West Kerry advertiser (a freesheet that brings news of what's happening to the people of the Dingle Peninsula), trying to drum up interest in my latest project: the Dingle Supper Club.

I've had various responses to it in the meantime, some of which have been positive and interested but others which have been very wary of the whole idea. So, I need your help.

The idea behind the club is to meet new people and share good food while doing so.
Here's how I'm expecting it to work:
If you want to join, you get in touch with me and tell me that you (as a single person or with your partner or a friend) are willing to cook for X amount of people in your home. X can be anything from two people upwards. You also need to tell me if you have any dietary restrictions.
Then the fun begins...

On one occasion, you cook for your chosen number of guests but you will not know who they are until they arrive. They will know who you are but they won't know who the other guests will be so there will be a surprise in store for everyone.

On the other occasions,you will be the guest, eating in other people's homes and meeting a surprise selection of different guests.

The idea of this club is to meet new people and have fun. All you have to do is cook dinner on one occasion and you'll then be treated to enjoyable evenings out in other people's homes. The aim is not competitive. Everyone is supposed to enjoy each occasion, even the person cooking on the night. So, I'm urging people not to stress too much over their menus and to just cook what they think is good.

So, here's where I need your help. Some people - well five since the ad came out on Friday - are very enthusiastic but others, while excited by the idea, are reluctant to be involved.
They don't like the idea of being tied to something, even though I've made it clear in the ad that you sign up for each month's event on a monthly basis. Just because you come along once doesn't mean that you are obliged to keep coming.
Nor do they like the idea of not knowing who's coming, even though I think that makes it exciting.

How do I drum up more interest? Would you suggest I make changes? And if you'd like to be involved, let me know.


  1. Great Idea Sharon! Five sounds like a good foundation. Once word spreads that it is a relaxed monthly foodie meetup I bet more will hop on board.

    I would love to get involved but Co. Clare is a long way away and I would be volunteering dessert only :-(

  2. Do you really think so, Gillian? I had expected more of a response to be honest...
    And it's a pity you don't live closer. I'd love to taste some of your desserts!

  3. I agree with Gillian - it's better to start small, then it will grow by word of mouth.

    Some friends of mine are involved in a supper club, where one person supplies the venu and the main course, then someone brings the starters, another the dessert and another the wine - it works really well for them, not too much pressure on any one person.

  4. Ok, Brownieville Girl. Starting small and growing from there is always the best way, I suppose. I was just feeling a little bit disappointed with the lack of response...

  5. I am interested! I saw the ad and have been thinking about it. My house isn't big, but I could do dinner for myself and five others. I would be a single we pay you? How does that work?

  6. Hurrah! I thought you might be, Sharon. There's no payment involved. (Cooking dinner is enough to ask of anyone!) I'll add you to my list and be in touch once things are ready to go ahead, which should be in a week or two.
    I'm really glad you want to get involved!